We know what is wrong with politics today: big corporate money drowns out voters, and politicians choose special interests over regular people.  Too many politicians vote for corporate tax breaks, subsidies, and bailouts for the rich and powerful that most people oppose.  And they implement voting procedures  designed to make it harder to register and vote. It sometimes seems that corporate special interests control everything—and even threaten our private online data. It’s time to break the political grip of corporate interests and empower people in politics and society.


At least 16 states have no limit on corporate contributions to PACS. [15] Only 20 states ban corporations from contributing to candidates in state elections, while 6 states allow unlimited contributions. [16]


A dozen wealthy countries achieve a national election voter turnout of at least 70% of the voting age population, compared with America’s turnout of 55.7% in 2016. [17]


In 2014, 17 million Americans experienced at least one incident of identity fraud [18] — this can be reduced through strengthening online data protection and giving individuals more control over their personal data.


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