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Big Polluters Pay 100% Of Damages From Pollution
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Hold Big Polluters Accountable with State Superfund Laws

Too often, big polluters do not pay the costs for the pollution they dumped into communities. Illegal pollutants in groundwater and soil creates major health hazards and makes polluted land unavailable for development. Environmental cleanup creates jobs, improves health and generates long-term growth by allowing formerly polluted sites to re-enter the economy. Creating and strengthening state Superfund laws through the “Hold Big Polluters Accountable Act” will give states and localities the tools they need to support environmental cleanup, thereby creating jobs and protecting their communities.

The National Landscape

Passed in:

Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

In The News

“'Don't tell me these fumes aren't traveling,' said Jane Hoffman, who has lived next door to Quanta [superfund site]...for almost two years. 'Every day it smells here. It's overwhelming, because I'm basically living next to a tar pit.'”
“In Florida...people living in counties containing Superfund sites were 6% more likely to be diagnosed with cancer than people living in counties without the sites.”
“'Our little village, our name has been forever tainted with a cancer causing toxin,' said resident Michele Baker...'How are we supposed to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and move on when this is pennies on the dollar?'”


  • Environmental advocates
  • Families
  • Community development advocates


  • Major polluters
  • Insurance companies
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Who does this help?
It’s a crucial step that states can take now to clean up contaminated local sites, with the tools to clean up and hold big polluters accountable for the costs. State- and local-led clean up will protect local residents and drinking water, create jobs, and help make rehabilitated sites newly available for redevelopment.
Is this high-cost to the state?
No. This helps ensure those responsible for devastating pollution are rightfully handed the bill. This proposal gives states and localities more tools to pay for local environmental cleanup by holding big polluters accountable.

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