Affordable Quality Healthcare

The biggest healthcare problem in America is that it’s far too expensive for what we get. Hospitals and doctors overcharge, pharmaceutical companies jack up prices, and everyday Americans are left with massive out-of-pocket expenses. We can lower healthcare costs for all, put a cap on out-of-pocket costs, and engage in preventative public health rather than expensive emergency medicine, all while increasing life expectancy.

State Statistics

Population without health insurance coverage
of 50 states
Adults who reported that they needed to see a doctor but could not because of cost in the past 12 months
of 50 states
Life expectancy at birth
of 50 states
Households experiencing food insecurity
of 50 states


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Universal, Affordable Health Coverage With A Cap On Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

Reduce Healthcare Costs — Stop Surprise Billing Expand Medicaid So Everyone Has Access To Affordable Health Coverage

Life Expectancy Of At Least 84 Years

Universal Home Visiting For New Families - An Investment In Our Future Make Big Pharma Pay Its Share To Solve The Opioid Crisis

End Hunger For 100% Of Households

Fight Child Hunger with School Breakfast Programs