Empowering People Over Special Interests

We know what is wrong with politics today: big corporate money drowns out voters, and politicians choose special interests over regular people. Too many politicians vote for corporate tax breaks, subsidies, and bailouts for the rich and powerful that most people oppose. And they implement voting procedures designed to make it harder to register and vote. It sometimes seems that corporate special interests control everything—and even threaten our private online data. It’s time to break the political grip of corporate interests and empower people in politics and society.

State Statistics

Corporate campaign contribution limits to statewide candidates and PACs
of 50 states
Corporations required to disclose independent expenditures
Voting-aged citizens that voted in November 2016
of 50 states
Comprehensive data privacy laws, including disposal of customer data, disclosure of data breach, social media privacy, use of personally identifiable information by online services, and biometric data collection
of 50 states


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Limit Corporate Special Interest Spending In Politics

Rein in Secret Corporate Influence in Politics End Lock-Up Profiteering Get Corporate Money Out of Politics Repair our Broken Democracy

At Least 70% Voter Participation And Fair Legislative Districts

Safe Voter Turnout with Mail-First Voting Strengthen Democracy Through Early Voting Automatic Voter Registration Makes Voting Easy and Secure Support Fair Districts with an Independent Redistricting Commission Increase Voter Participation with Same Day Registration Encourage Young People to Become Lifelong Voters with Pre-Registration Boost First-Time Home Buyers With Affordable Loans Increase Innovation and Government Accountability Through Open Data Restore the Right to Vote for Those Who Have Served Their Time Repair our Broken Democracy

Personal Control For Everyone Over Their Private Online Data

Protect Consumers, Privacy & Data Online State-and Locally-Owned Broadband Infrastructure Can Ensure Faster Internet and Protect Private Online Data