Equal Opportunity For All

America is a diverse society, and it works best when everybody who works hard can achieve their own vision and dreams. We trust each other – and our nation – when we feel that we are getting a fair shake. Ensuring that everyone gets a fair chance at success is a basic American value and an important building block for a stronger country.

State Statistics

How much the lowest earners make on the dollar compared to the highest earners, by race and gender
of 50 states
Jail and prison incarceration rates of population aged 15-64, per 100,000 people
of 50 states
Traffic stop data availability
of 50 states


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Equal Pay For Equal Work Regardless Of Gender Or Race

Secure a Prosperous Future for All by Strengthening Nondiscrimination Protections Stop the Unfair Pay Gap Cycle Equal Pay for Equal Work with Pay Transparency

End Mass Incarceration

Keep Kids in School with Fair Discipline Improve Public Safety and Reduce Incarceration Rates By Deepening Justice Reinvestment End Lock-Up Profiteering End Long-term Solitary Confinement Reduce the Jail Population by Ending the Practice of Cash Bail End Youth Solitary Confinement Restore the Right to Vote for Those Who Have Served Their Time Increasing Job Opportunities with the Clean Slate Act

Freedom From Ethnic And Racial Profiling For Everyone

Make Communities Safer by Stopping the Use of Military Weaponry Against Americans Save Lives and Protect Communities by Preventing the Rehiring of Police Officers with Records of Misconduct Improve Law Enforcement, Public Safety and Fairness with Transparent Criminal Justice Data Stop Evicting Survivors of Domestic Violence and Crime Victims for Seeking Help