Good Jobs

All hard-working Americans should be able to earn a livable wage and have a decent standard of living, including paid time for family leave, vacations, and sick leave. Employees should have rights at work, and the chance to be represented on key decisions that affect their lives and livelihoods.

State Statistics

Population aged 25-64 that is employed
of 50 states
Population aged 16-64 below the poverty level and working full-time, year-round
of 50 states
State legislation requiring paid family leave
Workers who are covered by a collective bargaining agreement
of 50 states


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100% Of Jobs Pay A Liveable Wage For All Job Seekers

Create Jobs, Improve Infrastructure, and Catalyze Investment With An Infrastructure Bank Micro-businesses Create Jobs And Support Job Growth

Paid Family, Vacation, And Sick Leave For 100% Of Jobs

Support Working Families With Paid Family Leave Strengthen The Workforce With Paid Sick Leave

Protect Labor Rights And Increase Worker Representation

Employee-owned Businesses Propel Good Job Growth Support Workers and Families Through Predictable Schedules