This act shall be known as the Enhance Career and Technical Education Act.

This act enhances career and technical education opportunities for students by facilitating college credit for such courses, and better aligning career and technical education courses with in-demand fields.


(a) It is the goal of STATE to enhance career and technical (CTE) courses which have been shown to improve high school academic performance, increase earning potential, and help students stay in school.

(b) Within 100 days of passage of this ACT, the public university system in STATE shall release a plan to award an approved standard amount of course credit for certified career and technical education courses completed by students during their high school education.

(c) Within 100 days of passage of this ACT, the state Labor Department, shall produce semiannual electronic reports of workforce need projections, by industry, job type, geography, and needed credential. These reports shall include a comparison of workforce needs with existing and projected workforce and credential availability in STATE; and shall highlight top in-demand industries, job types, and credentials by geographic area.