This act shall be known as the Opioid Accountability Act..

To hold opioid manufacturers and marketers accountable for the costly epidemic of opioid abuse.


(a) The Department of Health is hereby directed to compile and deliver to the legislature, Governor, and Attorney General, information regarding:

(b) The above information shall be updated at least annually.

(c) The Department shall annually review publicly-available information about lawsuits related to opioid use, abuse, or overdose brought by STATE Attorney Generals or county prosecutors in the STATES surrounding STATE and four other STATES that have brought such lawsuits, and produce a summary of the key elements of such lawsuits to be provided to the Legislature, Governor and Attorney General. The Attorney General shall provide this report by mail to county and other prosecutors.

(d) The Attorney General and local and county prosecutors are empowered to request from the Department of Health additional health or cost related statistics regarding opioid use, abuse, addiction or overdose that would be useful to enforce the laws of STATE.