This act shall be known as the Utility Energy Efficiency Act.

To encourage energy providers and utilities to save money and reduce waste by increasing utility and provider energy efficiency.


(a) It is the goal of STATE to encourage energy sources that are reliable and cost effective. For this reason, energy providers and utilities in STATE are responsible for:

(b) Energy providers and utilities shall take any and all reasonable steps necessary to meet these obligations and report on actions taken and results in an annual report submitted to DEPARTMENT.

(c) An energy provider or utility’s energy savings resulting from energy efficiency programs implemented before the effective date of this Act may be credited towards the first 2% savings obligation.

(d) DEPARTMENT shall promulgate all necessary regulations to enact the above and produce an annual report to be delivered the legislature and posted online regarding progress and performance of energy providers and utilities to meet the above, and highlighting best practices and additional legislative steps needed to help utilities and energy providers meet the above standards.