This act shall be known as the Regional Strategic Infrastructure and Resiliency Planning Act.

This bill creates regional infrastructure councils of businesses, local and state government leaders, and community members that can work with state and federal agencies to prioritize projects to make existing and future infrastructure resilient to environmental demands and damage, secure funding, and encourage life-cycle cost and revenue analysis for large infrastructure projects.


(a) It is the goal of STATE to create multi-service entities made of representatives from local and state government, private businesses, community organizations and others, to address existing gaps and long-term resiliency planning in transportation, water, and other infrastructure.

(b) Regional infrastructure councils will have five goals:

(c) Regional infrastructure councils shall include members of state and local government, private businesses, and communities, and local universities. The number of regional infrastructure councils to be created in STATE and a process for appointing members, reporting, and liaising with existing state entities shall be [should be determined based on local needs or through regulation by DEPARTMENT].