Sustainable Infrastructure, Resilience, And Innovation

In the middle of the 20th century, America built a network of roads, bridges, and telecommunications second to none in the world. Yet for several decades, we have underinvested in maintaining and modernizing our infrastructure. Our states are now filled with broken-down roads, closed bridges, mass congestion, and bottlenecks in rail and seaports. Our dilapidated infrastructure costs us time, aggravation, and income. Rebuilding America’s infrastructure for the 21st century will boost jobs, productivity, resilience to floods and storms, and our capacity to innovate.

State Statistics

Public roads in poor condition
of 50 states
State-level climate action plan
of 50 states
Research and Development expenditures as percent of State GDP
of 50 states
Households with broadband internet
of 50 states


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100% Of Roads, Bridges, Railways, Airports, Seaports, Levees, And Dams In Good Repair

Create Jobs, Improve Infrastructure, and Catalyze Investment with an Infrastructure Bank Protect Children from Lead in Schools and Daycares Hold Big Polluters Accountable with State Superfund Laws Create Jobs and Cleaner Air with Energy Efficiency Benchmarking for Large Buildings

Plans To Make Every Community Resilient Against Natural Disasters

Smarter Infrastructure Investment with Regional Planning Save Lives by Stopping Extreme Weather Utility Shutoffs Protect Families from Homelessness by Ending Discrimination Based on “Source of Income” Boost First-Time Home Buyers With Affordable Loans Create Jobs, Make Communities Healthier, and Protect the Future With A Climate Action Plan

Enhance Scientific Research And Technological Capabilities

State-and Locally-Owned Broadband Infrastructure Can Ensure Faster Internet and Protect Private Online Data Increase Innovation and Government Accountability Through Open Data